Silas (New Orleans Birth Photography)

When Aaron and Kelly were dating at LSU, she was pretty up front with him. She probably wouldn’t be able to have children. She hoped and prayed that it wasn’t true, but that’s what she had been told.  Seven years ago they were married, and had faith that God would one day have them become parents. Years went by, as Kelly sorted through various health issues, hoping to find the fix to her infertility.

Last year, Aaron and Kelly went through the process to become foster parents, hoping to adopt. After months of waiting for a placement, they were asked if they would be willing to accept a little boy. Preparations were made, and then began the long wait. Months went by. During this time they attended a prayer service at their church. Kelly asked for prayer for her health so that she would be feeling her best to be able to care for this baby when he came. Instead, everyone began praying that she would get pregnant. Although thankful for their faith, Kelly was slightly flustered that her request was completely avoided! She was already in love with the idea of adopting this little boy.

Finally, they got the placement call. Aaron and Kelly would have a baby boy in their home that very afternoon! With much excitement Kelly went to get the last few things they  needed for him. Then a second call came. They had decided to place this baby with another family. In the chair that Kelly had prepared to rock her little boy, she instead rocked alone with a broken heart. When would God hear her prayer? When when her desire to be a mother be fulfilled?

Ten days later, her doctor wanted to put her on a new medication and one of the requirements was that a pregnancy test be taken. Given her history, such precautions seemed quite unnecessary. Reluctantly, Kelly took the test, knowing that it was the responsible thing to do.

She called out to Aaron,

“There must be something wrong with this test.”


“Because it’s positive.”


God is so good.


Thankfully, Kelly asked me if I was willing to document the arrival of this baby – because if she wasn’t going to ask me, I was certainly going to ask her! I was photographing three weddings in June, but we kept our fingers crossed that the timing would work out perfectly for me to be there.  Baby’s estimated due date came, then passed. Kelly wanted to avoid any unnecessary medical interventions, so they waited two weeks past her due date before inducing. Things got started, then little progress was made throughout the day as Kelly battled through hours of contractions intensified by pitocin. She decided to go ahead with an epidural, but wanted to have it adjusted to where she could still have some feeling to push.

I had been getting updates throughout the day, waiting to hear when I should head over to the hospital. Finally, I headed out, knowing that there couldn’t be too many more hours of labor ahead. As I was about to turn into the drive to the hospital, I got the “we’re progressing, come on over!” call… perfect timing! I found some very excited family members right outside the hospital doors, where they had been waiting for the call as well. There was just too much excitement to stay and wait at home!





They named him Silas, because it is Aramaic for “asked for.”


Thank you, Kelly and Aaron, for allowing me the privilege of  documenting the testimony of God’s faithfulness in your lives. It was an honor, and my joy.


From Kelly: 

“Silas has been such a happy and content baby and it is an incredible honor to be his parents. We will never completely understand the ins and outs of all that happened and I will always hold a special place in my heart for the little boy that we were not able to adopt. However, I would not trade one single minute of those six agonizing years if it meant that I could not be Silas’s mother.

We are so thrilled that Angelle was there to capture all of Silas’s first moments. I am so glad I was able to see the look on everyone else’s face who had waited and believed for our miracle child for so long when my husband announced, “It’s a boy!” We were able to thoroughly enjoy every moment knowing it was being beautifully captured. Her images tell a powerful story of the anticipation and joy in finally meeting our baby boy. I’m sure they will be treasured by our family for generations to come.”

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