Thomas Rosemore (New Orleans Birth Photography)

There is no place like home. Especially when having a baby.


Elizabeth found me on Facebook, just a few weeks before she was due to have her second baby.  After her first birth experience two years ago didn’t go at all how she had wanted, she decided that she would do just about anything to be able to have this baby at home with a professional midwife.  As we messaged back and forth about the possibility of having the birth photographed, we discovered that we actually knew each other back in high school!


It was a rainy Saturday in July – exactly the weather that Elizabeth was hoping for.  I was snuggling with my own baby that morning when I got a text. Her water broke. We got ready to go, and then waited for updates and the call to head out to Covington. Throughout the morning labor progressed, then around noon everyone was in action – Emmy (the midwife) was headed over, parents were coming over to pick up big sister Nylen, I was headed across the lake, and Elizabeth was working through some really strong contractions.

After just a few hours of labor, she checked in at 6cm! They were thrilled to hear there was so much progress in a short amount of time.

It was so funny to see her chilling at home, snacking on some fruit, lean over the counter during a contraction, then picking back up right where she left off. There was no worry or rushing to pull things together to head anywhere. Just relaxing at home and letting this baby come! Amazing. It made me want to have my next baby at home!


It wasn’t long at all before she was in transition and the midwives were scrubbing up to catch a baby. She tried lots of positions and locations, trying to find what worked best for pushing. The bathroom. The bed. The birth stool. The tub. Back to the bed. The mobility that a natural birth gives you is wonderful!



Elizabeth moved to the tub for a little while. The bathroom was a little crammed, so I shot through the crack at the hinge of the door.


It was finally time to get this baby out. There wasn’t enough room in the bathroom to work, so the final move was made to the bed.  The cord was around his neck. Knowing this, the midwives did a lot of heart monitoring throughout. Thankfully the cord was lose, and slipped around his head. It took a little strategic positioning and a wiggle, then out he came! Baby Thomas Rosemore was here!


Mom and baby took an herbal bath together, and little Rosie looked like he loved it!


Job well done, Elizabeth!


When Nylen met her little brother, it was one of the sweetest moments! She gave him a warm greeting, and then a kiss!


The whole crew together, at the end of a perfect birth day!


Elizabeth and Adam, thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and this intimate day in your lives. It was a wonderful experience – one that I’ll always remember!

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