Maggie Sophia (New Orleans Birth Photography)

This birth was a really special one for me. Almost three years ago I photographed Amanda and Todd’s wedding. We also share the same OB, and Amanda ended up having the same delivery room as I did with my daughter just over a year ago.  In many ways, it felt like I was reliving my own birth experience! Amanda and I got together during the fall and talked about natural birth – something that I love doing with friends who are interested! I gave her all of my books on the subject, knowing she was going to be awesome at this.

It was a few days past her due date. She checked in with me after her weekly appointment, and said it looks like labor could be any time now. I got my bags together that afternoon, and then that evening got another text that they’ll most likely be headed to he hospital that night. Contractions were getting more regular. Everything was ready. I went to sleep for a few minutes before I got word that they were on the way to the hospital. Amanda is incredibly strong, so I had a feeling she could be pretty far along before arriving at the hospital.

We both arrived right around midnight.  She checked in at 6-7 cm… a perfect time for me to arrive!


The hours passed slowly. Amanda was taking on each contraction like a champ. I seriously felt like a wimp seeing how in control she was. For a while I thought that contractions had slacked off. But they hadn’t – she was just taking each one in calm silence. Finally daylight came.


Things were moving along really slowly. They tried some more walking to see if that would help reach completion. Even at 9+ centimeters, and being in labor all night long, Amanda still had a smile on her face!


Exhaustion was setting in. I left Amanda and Todd alone for a while, hoping that she would be ready to push soon. A few more hours went by. In need of rest and relief, Amanda got an epidural, and finally got some sleep.  With some pitocin, she was finally complete and able to start pushing. Only this baby wasn’t in a good position for going anywhere! It took some a manual rotation to get baby from occiput transverse (head facing to the leg), into the best position for delivery.


Then there was a little bit more waiting, as the doctor headed out to catch another baby. It was night again. Todd was such a steady support for his wife, faithfully by her side!


Then finally little Maggie Sophia made it out into the world!


Family and friends were waiting right outside the room for the announcement!


It’s a girl!


It was a long night, and even longer day for everyone, but little Maggie – you’re precious, and worth the wait!

Amanda & Todd, thank you so much for letting me be there to document this day in your lives! Amanda – you’re a rockstar!

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  • Jessica Strom - Wow. As a fellow birth photographer, I can honestly say this was the most beautiful job I have seen of capturing all the emotions of birth along with the techincal skill of a professional photography. Absolutely stunning work! I am in the development phase of launching an online professional birth photography inspiration blog and would love to feature this birth and you & your work as our first feature. Please email me at my email above if you are interested, it will be launching this spring! ~JessicaReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you so much for your sweet words, Jessica! I would love to be part of the site – I’m emailing you now. Thanks! – AngelleReplyCancel

  • Glenda Tauzin - Absouletly amazing! Congratulations to Amanda and Todd! She is beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Abigail Todd - Angelle! I had no idea you were specializing in births! I am so glad I came across your blog. Now I have someone to refer everyone that still emails me from Louisiana. Love love love all the pictures. It’s such a magical moment to capture for families and I am sure you feel about it the same way I do. Yay! I have answers now. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you, Abigail! I got things rolling with births last summer, and absolutely love it. I’m planning on taking on fewer weddings in 2013 so I can spend more time with my own babies, and do more of what I love – births!ReplyCancel

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