Gioia Bea (New Orleans Birth Photography)

Being there to photograph any birth is special. But it’s even more amazing to be a part of when the lives you’re documenting are some of your best friends! My husband grew up with Sam and Abi, and we’ve been so blessed to walk in close friendship with them through the struggles that life brings!

Abi grew up with two older brothers, and Sam has two younger brothers. Crazy boys are everywhere in this family! Their firstborn, Titus, is almost 18 months old, and has had the intensity of his daddy from the beginning! Sam, Abi, and the majority of their family were all convinced that this baby was a boy as well. Abi really wanted to have a photographer in the delivery room to capture her husband’s face. If this did turn out to be a girl, she knew he would have the best faces ever!

Her due date passed, and I started praying that this baby would come SOON! Schedules on my end were about to get really tricky, with my husband and the rest of my family leaving town. I texted Abi, and we made plans to go power walking through the mall on Friday morning. This baby didn’t wait that long!

I got a text just before 1am that Friday morning. Thankfully, I heard it! They were headed to the hospital. I bolted out of bed, hopped in the shower and was out the door in 10 minutes. Three minutes later (I live really close!) I was parking in the hospital garage. Wide awake, I sat there alone in the waiting area, wondering if I was there entirely too early, and if I should just go back home. It wasn’t long after that, Sam came out and said her water broke. She was already in good strong active labor, so I knew at this point, things could suddenly move really quickly. I was staying!


“Baby time!”


I waited outside with the family for a few hours, so Sam and Abi could get some rest. The excitement in the waiting room died down after a while, and everyone was just realizing how tired they were! We finally made it to 5am, and Abi checked in at 9cm! They were going to wait another hour before checking again, so I decided to bolt home and, grab a bite to eat – knowing that I could still make it back really quickly at this time in the morning. I made it back to the room, and they were getting set to go!


You would think Sam was the one pushing out a baby!




It’s a…




Everyone was anxiously waiting to hear the news! Their reactions are the best! I love surprises!


The royal cuteness herself:


Abi’s dad had a mild case of shingles, and had to stay away from the new baby. Technology is so great… a little face time conversation from the waiting room to his daughter.



Sam and Abi, thank you so much for letting me be there with you! We love you and your sweet girl!

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  • Ve Ferry - We have known all of these dear people for so many years and being able to celebrate with them through these photos is wonderful! Congratulations to both the Loria and Ebeyer families! You have a beautiful family! God Bless You All! Love To Everyone, The FerrysReplyCancel

  • Nancy Masson - Angelle, you never cease to amaze me, you captured every precious emotion from everyone. You know how much I love my Abi, so I was crying at the end of the pictures – I felt as if I were there with her and all my other dear friends. Thank you for what you do and I thank God for blessing you with such a talent.
    Btw, I love you too!ReplyCancel

  • Matt Mason - These pics are awesome because they beautifully capture two awesome families. Man, I love these people. Angelle, great great job! Sammo, I couldn’t be happier for you and Abs and the Loria-Ebeyer tribes!ReplyCancel

  • ashlie - Such precious photos of such a precious family. I especially love the look on Donna’s face when it’s a girl came out. So great!ReplyCancel

  • Chris & Adrienne - Thank you so much for allowing us to share in these amazing moments.ReplyCancel

  • Trudy Morris - These pictures are the next best thing to being there! Thank you for capturing these precious moments. Very well done!ReplyCancel

  • Molly Jones - New fan! This session and the father’s facial expressions cracked me up and made my day. Nice work!


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