Rhys Adam: A Woman’s Hospital Birth Story

It was just before 5am, and Casey was having some consistent contractions. I collected my things and got on the road, headed for Baton Rouge.  At her last check, Casey was only 2-3cm, but it looked like the contractions were getting pretty serious when I arrived!

001_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE003_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE004_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE008_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGECasey got her epidural, and right after, at 7, the new nurse came in. Even with the epidural, Casey could feel the baby moving down with each contraction. The nurse checked, Casey’s water broke in comical fashion, and this baby was right there. Luckily, her doctor was already on the road, so Casey just had to sit tight for a few minutes, while the nurses prepared to catch this baby if needed!

009_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE017_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE018_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE019_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE021_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGEDr Willett made it, and at 7:20, baby Rhys was born!

Both Adam, and Casey’s families were waiting for the arrival of this new baby! And of course, there was an excited big brother!

075_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE076_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE077_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE079_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE080_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE083_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE084_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGEMason was full of questions and comments as he checked out his little brother.



Rhys is actually this precious family’s third baby. Casey and Adam lost their first son, Aiden in the 16th week of pregnancy. In their grief, they went home from the hospital, with a little bear instead of a baby.  These bears are donated by families and given to parents who have experienced a loss. Casey now helps run the organization, Angels Among Us, that touched her own heart in a time of need. Aiden’s bear and little elephant, are the precious treasures that this family has from their son’s short life.  Mason gave Casey one of his toys to take to the hospital as well – his red Ford Thunderbolt.

Losing Aiden, and having only a few photographs of him, made them look into having a birth photographer for Mason’s birth. Of course, it was something they had to have again for Rhys’ birth!
118_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE120_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE121_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE123_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE126_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGERhys’ nurse is a family friend, and she included Mason in giving Rhys his first bath.
130_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE134_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE137_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE143_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE144_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE146_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE149_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE152_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGEIt was time to invite the rest of the family back to meet this new baby!
153_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE154_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGE157_Rhys_2014-08-21PINIMAGEThese grandmothers couldn’t help but gush over their new grandson.
Casey and Adam, thank you for sharing your story with me, and allowing me to share it with others! It was an honor to witness Rhys’ birth!

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