Emersyn Lake: Thibodaux Birth Story

I’ve been fortunate to never have two clients in labor at the same time. The possibility of this, as well as having two small children of my own at home, has made me keep my birth bookings to a very reasonable two or three a month. My schedule has always worked out perfectly! On the months were I was pushing it, and booked a couple of extra births, babies ended up being born early or late – spilling into the no-so-full months. But they say, all good things must come to an end. On this Saturday I was supporting a couple in early labor as their doula, when I got the first texts from Brooke just before noon. With a history of fast labors, this being baby #4, and being outside of my “safe” travel range, we both knew that I’d need to head to her ASAP in order to make it for the birth. As soon as she confirmed that this was indeed labor, I got my first couple my backup doula’s information incase they needed it, and hit the road. I was headed to Thibodaux before Brooke had even left her home.

I was getting close to the hospital when I got this text, “8-9 cm water bag bulging.” Just in time! When I arrived this mama was doing great, and still hadn’t gotten her epidural. Her husband, Sam, filled out all the paperwork, as the nurses were busy preparing for a baby at any minute. Things slowed down a little bit after her epidural, which gave time for the rest of the family to arrive!

001_Emersyn_2014-09-20PINIMAGE002_Emersyn_2014-09-20PINIMAGE009_Emersyn_2014-09-20PINIMAGE010_Emersyn_2014-09-20PINIMAGE016_Emersyn_2014-09-20PINIMAGEThese cuties were eagerly waiting for their new baby sister!

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“Ohhhhhh my goodness, Angelle!!!! These pictures are amazing!!! They are all I hoped for and more! We will cherish these for the rest of our lives! I so wish you could’ve been at our first three births! Thank you so much! You were such a pleasure to work with. All of our family talked about how sweet and wonderful you were! I honestly could not be any more pleased! Everyday on the way to school the kids and I would pray “that the photographer would make it to Emersyn’s birth…” It was so important to me and it couldn’t have turned out any better. You were worth every single penny. I really can’t thank you enough! If there is ever a #5, you are a must! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”

I’m so blessed to be able to witness the beauty of birth on a regular basis! Seeing these families welcome new little ones is so rewarding. Thank you, Brooke and Sam for trusting me with these moments!

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