Scarlet Catherine: New Orleans Birth Doula + Photographer

Rachel’s first birth certainly wasn’t what everyone dreams of. She was diagnosed with placenta previa – where the cervix is covered by the placenta. A c-section is necessary to keep mom and baby safe. Rachel was camped out in the hospital late in her pregnancy, then after sudden bleeding, she was rushed into the operating room for a crash c-section, her baby was air lifted to New Orleans, and they were separated for days. It was a rough start to motherhood!

Rachel is a natural minded mama who really wanted a VBAC for her second baby, and hired me as her doula to help increase her chances of achieving a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). Her pregnancy was going well, but toward the end of her pregnancy an ultrasound was recommended to check the baby’s size. Her due date came and went, and her primary care provider was leaving town, so she was transferred to another doctor. At 41+ weeks another ultrasound was performed, which indicated that her baby hadn’t been growing since the previous ultrasound. Late pregnancy sizing ultrasounds are often inaccurate, but Rachel did not want to be in the place of risking a healthy birth outcome after the traumatizing experience she had with her first baby. She felt best about moving forward with a repeat c-section later that afternoon, since induction was not an option. As her doula, my goal was to support her in her decision, and help her give birth with confidence. Since my role as the doula at this birth wasn’t so physically demanding, Rachel got even more pictures from her birth!
007_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE011_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE013_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE014_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE015_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE017_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE019_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE020_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE022_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE023_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE025_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE029_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE030_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE033_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE035_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE038_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE039_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE040_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE043_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE047_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE049_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE053_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE056_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE058_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE060_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE062_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE065_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE066_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGE072_Scarlet_05-12-15PINIMAGEHaving skin to skin time with Scarlet was so important to Rachel. Thankfully the nurses were so accommodating, and had them snuggled up together before leaving the operating room. It was so moving to see this mama have some amazing bonding moments with her new baby that she missed out on with her first pregnancy.
Rachel and Brian, thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a special season in your lives! I’m so glad I was able to support you in your birth, and document these sweet memories!

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