Preparing for Birth: Chiropractic Care and Body Balancing

Last month my husband and I took a quick trip to Sedona! He had business in Phoenix, so we went up the weekend before and had a few days to explore Arizona, and work on some names for this baby! I’m now 37 weeks into this pregnancy, and I’m feeling like there are so many things left to do to prepare for my birth and postpartum. Every stranger’s commentary (and they all seem to have one), is that I’m having a boy! We didn’t find out the sex of our previous babies, so we decided to be consistent and be surprised again. Surprise babies add such excitement to the birth, and I didn’t want to miss out on any of that extra joy and wonder.


I think all the boy guesses come from the fact that I tend to carry low, with a basketball shaped belly. This baby was lying transverse in the bottom part of my uterus for a while, putting a lot of strain on my ligaments and making the frequent Braxton hicks contractions I’ve been having quite uncomfortable!  In order to get this baby in a better birthing position and reduce my discomfort, I’ve been doing some things to help balance the strain on my body. 

If it isn’t already a part of your lifestyle, most moms don’t seek out chiropractic care in pregnancy unless they are experiencing a lot of pain, or have a baby in a breech or transverse position. It was my second pregnancy that sent me desperately searching for a chiropractor for the first time. I had a lot of pain in my sacrum, but just a few adjustments brought noticeable and welcomed relief! I continued to regularly see my chiropractor through the rest of my pregnancy and after birth. My first two birth experiences were like night and day. Although there are several things that likely impacted my labors, I believe that having my body in alignment greatly reduced my discomfort and shortened of my second labor. Knowing how important chiropractic care was for me, I started back with regular adjustments at the end of last summer with Dr. Michelle Leblanc.

Every pregnant woman experiences some level of discomfort throughout pregnancy as her belly grows and her muscles and ligaments begin to stretch. Poor posture, like slouching back into a comfy sofa, not only reduces blood flow to your uterus, but can also cause uneven tension on your ligaments. This can cause the uterus to tilt to one side, twist, and throw your joints out of alignment. Balance is key to minimizing discomfort, and giving your baby room to find a favorable birthing position!


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.06.09 PMPINIMAGE

I’ve also been pretty faithful over the last few months in going through some Spinning Babies techniques. I’ve been doing the forward-leaning inversion and sidelying release with a helping hand (or two) from my husband. In just a short time I felt reduced discomfort, and baby’s kicks a little higher than they were before. Baby is now all set in the vertex (head down) position!  If you aren’t familiar with Spinning Babies, it’s a wonderful resource for pregnancy and labor to help you understand and change your baby’s position for an easier birth!

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